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Cred720.com offers credit repair services that focus on the accuracy of consumer credit reports. Cred720.com is here to improve your credit through expert credit repair services at an affordable rate and to help to achieve your financial goals to ensure that you are able to live a better future!

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credit can save you
Goals Interest Rate Monthly Payment 30 Year Savings
Credit Card
Auto Loan
Personal Loan
*Assumptions: 30 year period with a $2,000 limit credit card every month; $250,000 mortgage with a 30 year term; four 48 month car loans; two $10,000 personal loans; and insurance every month.

The Foundation Of Your Finances!

FICO Credit Score Rating

Exceptional 800-750

Very Good 740-799

Good 670-739

Fair 580-300

Very Bad 579-300

The Cost Of Bad Credit!

Late Payment  100 points

Debt Settlement  125 points

  Foreclosure       160 points

Bankruptcy  240 points

Collection  110 points

Hard Inquiry  15 points


Understanding Our Credit Repair Process

Phase 1

Our specialist team performs a full analysis of your credit history, challenges the damage you disagree with, and sets you up with a plan to build positive credit

Phase 2

The credit bureaus investigate the challenges received and press your creditors to defend the items they placed in your history that you disagree with during this period, you will be implementing our plan for building the necessary credit to boost your credit score

Phase 3

The credit bureaus release new credit reports to show the changes made by law, your account page is updated with a progress report showing the overall changes. New challenges are released. Congratulations, you are now on track to obtain financially freedon

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I would recommend Cred720  to anyone that needs to get their credit done, It's a real big help.

Jessica White

I highly recommend this company. Cred720 and the team are great!

Marilena Evans

A+ Team! Don’t fall for those other wanna-be companies! They are Full of Knowledge! 5 Stars from me


David Gibson

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