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All frequently asked questions

How long before I see results?

Every client’s situation is unique and so is the time frame required to repair your credit. We will work on your credit on month by month basis until you are satisfied with the improvement in your credit  score. 
Our clients reached their credit goals within 6-9 months of enrolling in our credit repair program.

What if all my negative items are accurate?

Creditors sell very critical information about you every day that can affect almost everything in your life. It is important to make sure all information is accurate. We at cred720.com will help you assess all items regarding the information being reported by your creditors to bureaus.

Can you help while I'm going through a bankruptcy?

Bankruptcies are public records, and tend to be in most difficult to remove. 

But when someone files for bankruptcy, its easy for revised items to slip through the cracks or be reported incorrectly.

Cred720.com knows all about the credit system helping to make sure that everything is appearing correctly and being removed when it should be. 

Is credit repair worth it? Why?

Bad credit affects every aspect of your life. Everything  from wether you qualify for an auto loan, mortgage, can get a job or get approved for a credit card, is all impacted by your credit score. Getting cred720.com to fix your credit by doing all of the work for you saves you time and money.

What are the costs associated with your service?

It’s  $59.95 per month. Only $1 fee to pull credit. No additional or hidden fees

Note:  You can cancel your service with Cred720.com at any time.

Can we communicate through Email?

Yes, you can always email us with any questions you have. You can email us at support@cred720.com

What are the hours I can speak with a cred720.com Advisor?

You can call us for more information during working hours(specific time).

Call +1 808-368-3373

How long do negative items stay on your credit report?

Credit can stay on your credit report for up to 10 years. Why you need to wait for 10 years if we can have it fix in just a couple of months.Cred720 will help you monitor your credit score .

Can I get a loan with bad credit?

Yes you can but expect that your interest rate is higher than those people with good credit. 

Can I cancel my credit repair service?

Yes, you may cancel your credit repair service at any time without any penalty. Cred720.com offers No Contract.